Envision Elegance

Your unique concept of elegance. Have you ever considered creating your own masterpiece; your original idea of elegance? Or have you wished you could give someone special that one-of-a-kind piece of jewelery as special as he or she?

Introducing GemVision.
Corporate Gem Technologies can address your concerns with the most innovative technology in jewelery design. GemVision uses stat-of-the-art computer aided design technology to assist you in the creation process. GemVision is designed to let you visualize your concept before we begin the creation process.

You can select from stock settings or GemVision can also use scanning techniques to photograph an existing piece or even a picture. This lets you visualize modifications or enhancements before they are completed. Or, as in true CAD application, GemVision will allow our engineers to freehand-design from your imagination.

A full-color output serves as your blueprint and assures that you, your design engineer and the manufacturing engineer all understand the concept you want to achieve before the production ever begins.

Meet with our own manufacturing engineers.
Our "state-of-the-technology" manufacturing facilities ensure that the creation of your masterpiece will be to the highest quality standards possible. Rapid prototyping and other non-conventional jewelery fabricating techniques also promise you that the fastest, most cost-effective methods are used to construct your masterpiece.

Corporate Gem Technologies' manufacturing engineers are experts at creating conceptualized designs. And we assure commitment to both art and technology via continuous education and innovative equipment and techniques.

Bringing you the world's most precious gems.
We aquire the world's most precious diamonds and gemstones directly from cutting houses in the largest trade centers. Corporate Gem Technologies' travels have taken us to Russia, TelAviv, Antwerp, New York, and around the globe.

We secure the highest quality pieces -- in volume -- and negotiate the most competitive prices. This enables you to purchase in a direct manner at a conservative price. Corporate Gem Technologies' accredited gemologists hand-pick each stone to pre-defined specifications. And we often purchase "Upon Special Request" if you are looking for that rare of distinctive stone.

An opportunity to view our collection.
Not all the masterpieces at Corporate Gem Technologies are in our customers' imaginations. We also carry an extensive line of pre-designed pieces from the creative direction of our design engineers. Whether your style is contemporary or classic; your masterpiece is a ring or a pendant; or your tastes are simple or lavish, we have that special something for you.

Visions shared.
Your unique concept of elegance is a vision that we share. Corporate Gem Technologies' wants to make your experience memorable and your masterpiece truly magnificent.

Compose with our design engineers using GemVision. Meet with our manufacturing engineers before production begins. Ask to see our array of diamonds and precious gemstones. Or enjoy the occasion to view our pre-designed collection.

Whatever your vision of elegance, we promise that Corporate Gem Technologies wil bring you a unique opportunity to create a masterpiece that fulfills your vision. The possiblities are endless and limited only by your imagination.

Please visit us in our gallery for a private showing of our collection or to experience GemVision. The result will be a masterpiece you will treasure for a lifetime.

Corporate Gem Technologies and You...
Elegance Defined.

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